Paper Cup making machine (JMD-FRESCO-i)


Paper Cup Forming Machine is an automatic machine with multi working stations,
which runs a procedure of single side PE coated paper cup fan feeding, cup side welding (by heater),
silicone oil lubrication (for top curling), bottom punching, bottom preheating, preheating, bottom
folding, bottom knurling, top curling and cup discharging.
JMD FRESCO-i adopt the PLC control
system and touch screen. It has function of photocell detection, failure alarm, with the advantage of
humanism designate operation, easy maintenance and durable running.

It is an ideal equipment of making hot drink disposable paper cups (for tea, coffee, milk and water)



Paper Cup Sizes : 45ml-500ml(ML sizes depends on machine bottom)
Raw material : One side PE Coated paper, Double side PE Coated, Double wall paper
Paper thickness : 145 GSM – 300 GSM
Cup Features : Logo printed, hot & cold cups, multicolour cups
Production capacity : 90-120 pcs/Min & 7000-7200/Hour
Electric supply : Runs both on single and triple phase
Sensor : 5
Weight : 2300-2500 KGs
Power source : 220 or 380 volt (4.8 kw),3.5-4 unit /day
Dimension : 2550 x 1520 x 2000 MM (LXBXH)
Lubrication : Good lubrication with automatic & self-timed lubrication oil pump


1. 30mm shaft & brush copper type, run smoothly, no wear and tear
2. Heater sealing system available & machine made with mild steel
3. Robotic hands available sturdy & no vibration on high speed
4. With 2 bottom preheating system & 1 knurling system station
5. Bottom waste die cutter as optional device 3 mould turning plates
6.Stable feeding design, new technology & easy to operate
7.PLC Control and touch screen with automatic cup collecting system
Motor : Electrical motor with 100% branded warranty


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